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Mount Alvernia Hospital, Guildford

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'It's now been around 1 year post the hip arthroscopy, and yesterday I completed the Brighton Marathon in 03:18:52. I would like to thank Mr Sturridge for his help in resolving my pain via the procedure which in turn has enabled me to run again. Whilst I wanted a faster time,  I'm still very happy to have completed this in such a short time post surgery.
It was hard work coming back from the surgery, however if you want something enough in life , you'll do what it takes. This is proof that people can get back into running post this kind of surgery' DW Fleet.

'As an officer in the Army and a former instructor at Sandhurst I have developed an appreciation of teamwork and and a keen eye for leadership; fundamentally I know quality in either when I see it.

For the first time in my life I found myself entirely helpless; deserted by my strength and depleted of mental fortitude. I had known from our first meeting that I would redceive excellent clinical care from you and under your supervision but I never imagined that I would rely on you and your team's so heavily for my broader support.

I am so grateful to you all for really taking the time to keep me in the loop, for having the confidence to have a laugh a medicine '... 'and for caring so much which was so clear to see from my horizontal vantage point' CP Chichester.

'Well, from being a rather daunting prospect still to come , its now in the past and my raggedy (man's!) hip has been replaced with a shiny new one with its own barcode!'

We are so grateful for your skill and not only that , your continued care - how many times the lovely' nurse ' came to my room with a mother message from you concerning the plans to ward off the possibility of DVT, I lost count, and then the unexpected pleasure of discovering the voice we could hear round yet another corner in the ultrasound department at Frimley was yours - I rang the ward when I woke for the first time last night and spoke to the ward sister about further pain relief and she said you told them you would try to get there at 4pm, we were very touched.' GL

'Thank you again for so generously volunteering your time to present at our regional In-Service Training day on Wednesday 5th November. Your presentation was the highlight of the day and the feedback I have received regarding your presentation was excellent. As we often refer patients to you, it was particularly beneficial to get a good understanding of your thoughts regarding a variety of hip pathologies and surgical procedures. Despite a diverse and difficult audience, you managed to pitch the presentation at the right level whilst effectively answering the many challenging questions posed by the audience.' BA Portsmouth

'Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of my knee replacement 'joint' and especially for the new straight leg. I am so pleased' VW.

'Thank you for your care and expertise. I am so grateful to be free of pain' SB Oakhaven.

'I have been keen to write you and your team a letter of personal and heartfelt thanks for the truly superb way in which you have looked after me.'

Gillian Chatfield 

Practice Manager


Gill joined the practise in 2014 when she moved back locally. She runs the practise and any queries. She is based at Spire Clare Park Hospital nr Farnham. 

Seb Sturridge's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  

He has an NHS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon appointment at Frimley Park Hospital Foundation Trust. He trained in London at Guy's, St Thomas', Kings, Barts and the Royal London Hospitals. He went on to subspeciality training in Melbourne and at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.

Seb sees patients presenting with all hip & knee conditions but has subspecialist interests in sports related hip injuries, young adult hip surgery, and hip arthroscopy and replacement.

He offers patients with hip and knee conditions solutions such as joint preserving surgery, partial and total joint replacement and surgery to replace a failing implant.

He uses minimally invasive surgical techniques as part of a rapid recovery protocol, and implants and bearing surfaces with a proven track record to ensure longevity.

We believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical condition possible. 

To schedule an appointment, please call: 01276 889 999. 

Seb Sturridge 

​Hip & Knee Surgeon